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Renew your wooden floors in Orpington

                                                                                                         A famous fowl was created here in 1886...

No one knows who created the traditional wooden floor, but it’s a feature that has remained popular down the centuries.

And deserving of care and attention!  When your floors are looking the worse for wear, it’s time to call on the practical solution...

specialist wood floor repair and restoration from:

                                                                                             The Orpington Floor Sanding Masters!

Enjoy the expertise of a friendly family firm -

with twenty years in the business of restoring hundreds of floors.

From solid hardwood or softwood boards

to engineered boards

and parquet or herringbone blocks.

No matter how old or poor their condition

And wherever located:

In the home, shop or office to restaurant, bar, school, museum and library.

See what we will do:

Reposition and secure loose boards or blocks.

 Repair damaged timber - or replace with matching material.

For an even look, fill in the gaps.

 Remove old layers of paint or sealant.

 Stain for a change of colour

 Protect with fresh sealant

  of natural oil; hard wax oil; lacquer.

All our sealants are totally safe for use in the home and food areas; and around pets and children.

Dust and disruption?

Messy floor sanding is a thing of the past!

Every job is 99% dust free - as our machines have a unique collection system, with bags placed outside each room.

And allow us to minimise any devotion to your home or business:

by clearing rooms of furniture

and removing carpets and coverings.

Loss of business a concern?  We can work flexibly to suit your commercial schedule.   With flexible working - at weekends or even overnight.

All work to the highest standards:

We only use premium quality stains and sealants.

For a longer lasting new surface that will stay looking good.

And finish every job to the highest degree of workmanship.


We give advice on the modest maintenance your floor will require after its restoration - depending on your floor type and the sealants applied.

    Let’s move towards your new floor -

                                                                                                  Ask us for your FREE assessment today.

                                                                                             The Orpington Floor Sanding Specialists!


The Buff Orpington is a very attractive bird indeed, with its golden feathers and proud stature.

First bred by William Cook as a black hen to make city grime unperceivable, a variant soon appeared in the buff form.

Mr Cook also developed the duck equivalent: first shown at the Dairy Show in Islington in 1897, it comes in buff, blond and brown forms.   This breed is good for both meat and eggs, of which it can lay over 200 per year.

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With over 32  years of sanding knowledge,
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assistance available 24/7

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